Why stay in a B & B instead of the hotel?


You plan your next vacation? Regardless of where you stay, this time you can stay in hotels B & B over a hotel. Want to know what a B & B? Read on to find out!

Bed and Breakfast – a type of housing that offers accommodation with a free breakfast in the morning. They are becoming popular day by day because of its economic services, except home feeling. Let's understand why the termination of the B & B instead of a hotel may be your best solution.

• Less pay, more services

Education and recreation are seven & # 39; and, and employees do not get paid. Therefore, their services are much cheaper compared to hotels. From the hotel, you have to pay separately for meals, parking, Internet access and so on. But you get these services plus free on any pension. That is why they always prefer traveling on a larger budget.

exclusive accommodation

Hotel rooms are generally uniform feeling, since only designed for commercial purposes. However, you can feel at home, that remain in the B & B. Each B & B room has a unique, because they are of a personal taste of the owners.

You can get claustrophobic if staying in a hotel room, because most of them are small in size. Even if you manage to get a huge room with a beautiful view, it will come only after the allocation of large sums of money. Most tourists spend very little time in the hotel rooms, as they are busy visiting this place. Therefore, it makes no sense to spend so much money just for the night in luxury hotels.

However, the B & B can be your savior in this situation. You need not worry about how to make your pocket empty, because they are cheap. In addition, you will have a living room, dining room, living room, kitchen, etc., to enjoy quality time with your companions.

best confidentiality

We are all familiar with the chaos of the typical hotels. In different hotels there are often different types of people in and out. If you prefer peace and privacy, hotels, definitely not suitable for you.

Conversely, most of the night and sports facilities are located in the countryside and serene environment. They also have fewer guests to take care of. Thus, if you want to spend a quiet weekend, it is better to look for the numbers of rooms you can choose at will.

Proper guidance to visit any place

Since the majority of the owners of establishments and buyers & # 39 are locals, they can give you all the necessary information for the study of a particular place. They can tell you about the famous tourist spots and historical interests, means of transport, the best time to check out some places, local cuisine and so on. These useful tips can reduce the stress in the preparation of their own travel plans.

Finally, considering all the above factors, you should definitely stay in B & B at this time to make the tour unforgettable.