Uganda Hotels – incentive for tourism


The growth of hotels in Uganda began in the 19th century, a decade after independence during the colonial period. In Uganda, it is observed the growth of accommodation, transport and infrastructure (tourism). Political instability during the 1970s and 1980s led to a reduction in the hospitality industry, as well as tourism. Hotels were closed, destroyed and brought in the police barracks like the Nile mansions.

The seizure of power in 1986, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) led to a revival of the tourism industry. Uganda has consistently foreign and international relations, support of major international organizations such as the World Tourism Organization, and attracts domestic and foreign investors. This led to the rehabilitation of the & # 39 facilities for recreation and tourism such as hotels.

The arrival of visitors has increased due to the increase in tourism demand from 512,000 in 2004 to about 700,000 in 2005. Uganda's tourism sector continues to grow and is expected this year, the country will receive more than 500 million dollars (about sh905b). US $ 360 million (sh651 .6b) last year.

Hotels / Accommodation

Uganda has a wide range of excellent hotels and accommodation located in all regions of the country. They are mainly located in the major cities of Kampala (the capital), Zhynzha, Entebbe, hum, Mbarara, Mbale, Fortportal, Arua.
Uganda is well known for its hospitality and welcoming nature of the locals, which contributed to the growth and development of hotels and other & # 39 accommodation facilities.

In the supermarket, low budget and more affordable hotels and accommodation includes hotel Sheraton Kampala, Serena Hotel (formerly Nile Hotel), Speke Hotel, Hotel Grand Imperial, Hotel Emin pasha, Hotel Equatoria, Africana hotel, tourist hotel, Hotel Diplomate, hotel Holiday Express . Imperial Resort hotel, Beach hotel, Botanical Beach Hotel, Hotel Tria
ngle, hotel hohranaga crane, Lake Windsor Lake Victoria, the Mbale resort hotel, a city hotel in Mount Elgon, but only a few.

More about the & # 39; accommodation facilities include dormitories, cottages, camping sites, hostels and apartments, which are located in the center of the city, the suburbs, and in all regions of the country. Lodges include Mweya safari lodge, resort Speke Munyonyo, holiday camp red chile and shelter, forest camp Gorilla, Volcanoes, Arra fishing lodge, safari Hazhana and others. Apartments include Acacia apartment, apartments Windsor, club Kabir, dolphin apartments Mosa courts, golden leaves, royal apartments, Salam sources, the Speke Resort and others. Campsites and hostels include high camp Adryft / Nile red chili shelter, tourist tourist places, sanctuaries Bigodi, embankment Bunyonyi camp, Camp Ishasha wilderness lodge Sambo river, Bandas, Horban, Crows Nest, camping on Lake Nabugabo and others. Hotels include Rwenzori guesthouse, Mamba point, a boarding house with palm trees, 2 estates for guests boarding house for palm trees, etc., as well as islands such as nature, the main island, Ceesay, island Bulag.

DEVELOPMENT hotels in Uganda.

Recent developments of hotels in Uganda – it is exact evidence tourism growth in Uganda and East Africa as a whole.
Tourism development is enhanced by the effective promotion of both leisure and products offered by a particular business. The creation of programs to raise awareness, qualified, trained and skilled human resources, improved and stronger administration for tourism, investment in the tourism plant and related products (attractions, entertainment, shopping, etc.), the expansion of marketing methods and the development of core & # 39 facilities, social services and adequate infrastructure.

Hotels and other on & # 39; accommodation facilities designed to offer a great atmosphere, panoramic views and peaceful environment. They are uniquely renovated to offer comfortable accommodation for a quiet holiday or a business trip. The hotel is perfectly situated for visitors with a welcoming atmosphere, friendly and hospitable service, excellent facilities and comfortable guest rooms and public areas.

Business centers of the conference room and facilities, bars and restaurants serving intercontinental cuisine with wines and cocktails, Massage services, Sauna, Internet on & # 39 facilities, private salons, gyms, swimming pools, shopping centers, recreation yard is open spaces, pavilions, terraces and entertainment centers offer hotels and accommodation in Uganda.

Hosting Uraganskaga meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government, scheduled for 2007 in Uganda, also improved the development of hotels and renovation, and hotel owners gathered their on & # 39; the objects needed for the summit in 2007.

Hotels are increasing in a country such as Emin Pasha, which opened at the end of March 2004. Hotel Kampala Sheraton, Bwebajja on Entebbe Road, Garden City, golf course and hotels Kampala Serena are the construction and reconstruction. Buhoma Manor, Camp located in Montana and are houses volcano modernization and expansion, and the most luxurious hotels used by business travelers and tourists, supermarkets have the prices in US dollars.

Uganda has a lot of budget hotels and accommodation facilities, and accommodation sector is growing, excellent staff offers a friendly decor in hotels and all of the & # 39; the property.