Location Bunbury – Hotels Vs Backpacker Hostel in employment prices

Hotels in Bunbury have occupancy rate, which fluctuates less during the year than the filling level of hostels for tourists in the city. filling factor of tourist accommodation in Bunbury, Western Australia, is very seasonal. Tight season starts in late September and lasts until the end of April. Beyond this busy season occupancy rate drops sharply.

The big difference between the seasons creates different problems for boarding supervisor. The obvious problem – a sharp drop in revenues. Quiet season should be used to complete the maintenance and development of methods to increase fullness.

Number of filling hostels for tourists in Western Australia during the year is very different from hotels and resorts.

Most hotels and motels in Banbury annual average occupancy is 80%. Hostels for tourists in Bunbury have an average annual occupancy of 45%.

The difference in the rate of occupancy is understandable

Coefficients filling hotels and resorts in Banbury seasonal less than in tourist hostel Banbury.

Bunbury has a drawback in the hotel and motelnyh placements that provides stability indicators during the year.

Hotels and resorts also host business-oriented that will not stay in the hostel tourists. Many backpack hostel have attached bathroom to the bedroom, which limits the guests who wish to stay.

Most of the guests who are in boarding school with backpacks, see the sights, young at heart and want to do travel at the time of the year when conditions outside & # 39; I'm more enjoyable.

Work for boarding the head in quiet season

Maintenance of buildings and dormitories – a task that all heads of boarding schools, with the difference in seasonal terms, tend to be completed by the next busy season.

Often the head of the boarding school will carry out maintenance on their own to avoid paying road maintenance, while the monthly income is low.

How can you encourage guests to stay

No matter how creative can be a dormitory supervisor, encouraging guests to stay in a hostel for tourists, when people just do not go to the area, and occupancy rate will remain low.

Some proposals that encourage guests to stay longer, can contain three nights, but only pay for two, free unlimited Internet every day or a free bicycle hire.

Acceptance of group bookings

Groups of orders of certain types of groups and sports teams are not accepted by many organizers of the offering due to anti-social behavior and damage caused to the property.

hostel manager may wish to take group bookings of these groups and sports teams to increase monthly income, but it is necessary to ensure that the deposit will be charged to cover any damage to the orphanage.

Take advantage of local events

Accommodation in Banbury is limited throughout the year. Population growth and business development in the region grew rapidly. The development of hotel and accommodation in Bunbury motelnaga slow.

This means that if the local events are held in Banbury, vacancy rates close to 0%.

Hostels with backpacks Banbury also became popular during these events. The head of the hostel must be informed of dates and be ready to charge premium rates when taking reservations during these events.

Think about reducing working hours

The head of the hostel should consider reducing working hours. This will help minimize payroll this quiet time of year.

Reducing working hours can also allow the hostel manager to look for work in combination to supplement their monthly income.

Travelers who are looking for accommodation in Bunbury, Western Australia, need to know that most of the housing is usually in high demand.

It is always better to carry out studies and pre-book your accommodation in Banbury you to get the appropriate quality housing, accommodation and within your budget.